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Wider Margins Means Less Money.

Wider Margins Means Less Money.

Have you ever called different reporting firms to compare their page rates looking for the least expensive page rate?  Is that the only question you ask?  Have you ever thought about the different formats that the different firms use, and maybe just the format alone could cost you more than you ever expected with extra pages?  We would invite you to read what a local proofreader who reads transcripts from many different reporters from many different firms has to say about Pelton Reporting’s transcripts:


“Sandi, maybe it is just because it was an engineer, but your wider margins than normal really made the job drag.  I know I have made this comment before, but this job at “standard” margin settings as most reporters would have it would have run just about 130 pages, not your 106.  Your attorneys have to love you.  You save them a bunch of bucks on every transcript.”


So the next time you are comparing prices, please take a minute and also compare the margins and formatting of the transcript from the firm you are hiring.  Then we invite you to give us a call and give us an opportunity to be your reporting firm of choice.  We feel you and your clients deserve to see the difference.

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