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What is your normal turn-around time for transcripts?

We want you to have your transcript as soon as possible.  Standard turn-around time is 10 business days but we can expedite requests as needed.


Will you cover trials in court?

Yes, we do trials. On numerous occasions after our firm has done all the depositions in a case, the attorneys request us to go into court to report the trial. This makes the whole process much easier for the attorneys when they know we have all the information about the parties present and the witnesses that are called to testify.

Do you transcribe audio tapes?

Yes we do. It is obviously much harder than having us be there in person, but we know that these matters come up and we are willing to do whatever we can to help you out on your case.

Is there a charge to travel out of town?

There is no charge to travel to Denver, Pueblo, or many of the other cities along the Front Range. Please call us with your deposition location and we can give you a quote for any travel expenses to other locations in Colorado or out of state.

What are your feelings about last-minute emergency situations and off-hour depositions?

We know how important flexibility is in this business. We have a whatever-it-takes attitude to help in any situation.

What services do you provide for clients with special needs?

We can schedule a foreign language or sign language interpreter for you. And our building where our conference rooms are located is completely ADA accessible.

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