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High-Caliber Court Reporters

We want to be your court reporting firm of choice by providing superior service and transcripts in order to make your deposition worry-free every time.

  • realtime/rough drafts

  • quick turnaround

  • competitive pricing with no hidden charges

  • exhibit management

  • videoconferencing / zoom / webex

  • free conference rooms

  • free parking


Original plus One Copy

Standard Deposition                                                        $4.00 per page

Medical/Technical/Videoconference Deposition              $4.25 per page

Hardbound Copy                                                             +$ .10 per page

(please call for expedited or other rates)

Copy                                                                                 $2.30 per page

Medical/Technical/Videoconference Deposition Copy      $2.40 per page

Realtime Hookup (Regular)                                              $1.25 per page

Realtime Hookup (Technical)                                           $1.50 per page

Rough Draft Transcript                                                     $1.00 per page

In-Person Zoom Equipment Setup Fee                           $50.00

Appearance Fees

Per Hour                                            $35

(minimum two hours)


Condensing of Transcripts                NC (no charge)

YesLaw/E-Transcript Email               NC

Word Index                                        NC

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